Submission Guideline
How to submit an abstract
*All authors should register before submitting the abstract.
  1. Select [Submission] under [Submission] menu and submit the abstract
  2. Select the type of presentation : Oral Presentation or Poster Presentation
  3. Select the research area of the abstract among the followings;
    • Risk Assessment
    • Applied Laboratory Methods
    • Education & Epidemiology
    • Pathogens
    • Sanitation & Antimicrobials
    • Toxins & Toxicology
  4. All authors including the corresponding author and the presenter should be added in the author list.
  5. After submission, the submission confirmation letter will be sent until the next business day. If you don’t get the confirmation letter, please let us know.
  6. The authors can modify/edit the abstract until the submission deadline in the [Confirmation] menu.
  7. Abstract can only be submitted via the website submission system. E-mail submission is not allowed.
    If the contact information of the presenter is not available, the award will be cancelled.
Abstract submission information
  1. Abstract should be written in English.
  2. Abstract should be 200 to 300 words.
Poster Presentation Guideline
  1. The poster should be placed on time at the designated place.
    November 11th (Thursday) 09:00. If the poster is removed before the presentation time, it will not be reviewed.
  2. During the poster presentation, the presenter should attend and be prepared for the discussion.
    Presentation time : November 12th (Friday), 11:30 ~ 14:00
  3. Poster size will be limited to 100 cm×180 cm (horizontal × vertical).
    (If the size is not appropriate, the poster will be difficult to be displayed.)
  4. The content of the poster is the title, presenter and organization name at the top. It should be written in the order of objectives, materials and methods, results, conclusion and references.
  5. The letters should be bold and clearly marked. Please use appropriate tables and figures to describe your results.
  6. Poster must be removed by the presenter after November 12th (Friday) 16:00. (Please note that unremoved poster will be discarded.)
  7. Stickers will be marked on the posters for the Best poster presentation awards on November 12th (Friday) at 14:00.
    (The time will be changed according to the conference schedule)
    The award will be provided to the presenter later at the closing ceremony.

Oral Submission Guideline
  1. Any students in master’s or doctoral programs can apply for Graduate Student Competition.
  2. The candidates for the Young Scientist Competition will be selected through the submitted abstracts.
  3. The candidates should also attend the Poster Presentation on designated time and place.
    * Poster Presentation by November 11th 10:00, 1st floor
  4. Oral competition is scheduled on November 10th 14:00~16:00, Jeju Convention Center 201. Please check the schedule and be on time.
    • Master’s program: Oral presentation 6 min, Q&A 2 min
    • Doctoral program: Oral Presentation 7 min, Q&A 3 min
  5. Graduate Student Award Ceremony will be held on November 12th (Friday) at the closing ceremony. * The recipients will be given a Graduate Student Award and a gift. (The award will be given at the award ceremony and the gift will be sent to the recipients via mail.)


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